1. Creation History

The Mukete Estates started as far back as 1910 by late Nfon A. Mukete with the cultivation of cocoa. In 1921, the plantation produced 100 bags (approx. 7 tons). In 1952, coffee was introduced and the name Mukete and Sons plantation was born. In 1961, rubber was in the Nkangmudikum Estate and by 1969, the estate name was changed from Mukete and Sons plantations to Mukete plantations limited (MPL). In a bid to foster plantation agriculture, oil palm was again introduced in 1977 with the first plantation in Bai Manya. In this same year it was admitted into the forestry profession and by 1979 it acquired a forest concession in Manyu Division. In 1987 changed its appellation from Mukete Plantations limited (MPL ) to Mukete Estate Limited (MEL). As a result of expansion of its oil palm plantation and to cope with the increasing production, an Oil Mill was built within the plantation in Banga village. It is equally worth mentioning that Heritage Ranch started in Banga Estate of MEL with the introduction of cattle and sheep/goat rearing. MEL is popularly described by its management as now an agro-industrial giant in the South-West Region and third after the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) and PAMOL Plantations limited.


2. Mission statement
To run agricultural operations efficiently and cost effectively in a bid to relentlessly boost shareholder values while improving upon the living conditions of its employees and safeguarding the environment thus contributing significantly to the sustainable socio-economic development of the communities in which it operates


3. Objectives

MEL’s objectives include:

  • Good potable water to workers through boreholes and springs
  • Electricity (Hydro and Solar Energy) to Workers’ Camps
  • Creation and maintenance of roads in its areas of operation. These roads do not only facilitate the movement of its personnel, materials and the evacuation of its produce but facilitate the movement of persons and goods too and from its neighbouring communities.
  • Construction of primary schools in Banga and Komba Dikwi villages provides quality education to workers children and those of surrounding communities.
  • Establishment and operation of health posts in the Banga Palms Estates and the Rubber Estates in Komba Dikwi I and II for minor and instant health cases. It has contracted a company Medical Doctor in a bigger hospital in Kumba town to take care of more serious ill-health issues.
  • Construction of semi-permanent and permanent housing for staff and workers in all its 6 camps
  • Diversification of its agricultural and livestock enterprises
  • Checking massive rural exodus by creating permanent and/or temporal employment for women and youths
  • To produce and supply energy to its industrial installations and living houses from renewable energy sources (solar energy and biogas)
  • To continue to improving the living standards of its employees through provision of household basic necessities of good quality at affordable prizes and other social services.